Inline Content Buttons Settings

Selecting which networks to display

You can select which networks to display in the front end by checking the networks available in the select panel. Click the “Apply Selection” button to reflect the changes in the sorting section.

Sorting the networks

After you have selected the networks you can sort them in whichever order you wish them to appear on the front-end side of your website. To sort the items, simply click and hold the sort icon on the left of each item and move the network in the desired position. You can also remove networks by clicking the X icon on the right of each item.


For the content location of the buttons you can edit each label that is displayed in the front-end. So, instead of having the button display the default label “Twitter”, you can edit it to say “Tweet me”.

Selecting a button style

For the content buttons you have eight styles from which you can choose. The buttons represented here are just a guideline for the ones displayed on the front-end. The way the buttons are displayed in the front-end is influenced by the Display Settings found below the Button Style section.

Display settings

Button shape: Modifies the shape of the button to the selected one. The changes are also reflected in the settings page of the location.

Position: You can opt to display the sharing buttons just above the content, below the content or both positions.

Number of columns: This determines the width of the buttons. If you select “Auto Width” the buttons will come one after another and have the minimum width they need to display correctly. If any other option is selected, the buttons will be arranged in a grid.

Show labels: Whether to show or not the editable labels of the buttons

Button spacing: Adds bottom and right spacing for each button

Show share count: Display the share count for each social network.

Show total share count: Display the share count for all social networks selected.

Total count position: Whether to display the total share count before the buttons or after the buttons. This option is active only if the “Show total share count” option is set.

Share count round: Displays the rounded to thousands share count for each individual button. This options is active only if the “Show share count” or the “Show total share count” is set.

Minimum share count: The share counts for a post will be displayed only if they are higher than this minimum share count value.

Show on mobile: Whether the buttons should appear on small screens or no.

Buttons Custom Colors

Social Share Buttons Custom Colors

You can customise the colors of the buttons to match your website’s design. You can select a custom color and/or a custom hover color.

Buttons color: Turns all buttons in the color you have selected. If the buttons hover color is not set, when hovering over the buttons the default color of the social network will show.

Buttons hover color: When hovering over the buttons will turn the color of the button into the one you have selected here.

Post Type Settings

You can place social sharing buttons on single posts, pages and custom post types that are registered as public. You can select on which post types single posts the content buttons should appear.

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