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Basic Understanding

The “Click to Tweet” functionality is a super easy way to encourage users to engage with your website. You can place predefined blocks of text that you want your users to easily tweet. In essence this feature consists of the [socialpug_tweet] shortcode that can take the following attributes:

tweet: The actual tweet you wish to display.

style: The style the container box should have. Can take values of 1 to 6. This attribute is optional and should only be used if you wish to overwrite the default style you select in the Settings page.

remove_username: If set to “yes” the Twitter Username set in the Settings page will not be displayed alongside the tweet. This attribute is optional.

Default Settings

For the Click to Tweet feature you will have to set up only three options that you will find in the Settings page of the plugin, as depicted below.

Social Pug Click to Tweet

Twitter Username: Your Twitter username or the username you wish to appear alongside the tweets. In the case above the tweet might look something like: “This is an awesome tweet. via @mihai_iova”. If you leave this field empty no username will appear in the front-end.

Tweet style: Choose between six different styles that you wish to be displayed in the front-end.

Link text: This is the text displayed in the front-end near the Twitter icon. You can leave this field empty to display only the icon.

How to easily add the Shortcode

To help you add tweets in an easy manner to your posts and pages, we’ve created a special button in the default WordPress editor. By clicking the Social Pug “Click to Tweet” button you will open a pop-up where you can write the tweet and select to overwrite the default options saved in the Settings page.

Social Pug Click to Tweet

Social Pug Click to Tweet Shortcode

Tweet: The actual tweet you wish to display.

Hide “via”: Hides the Twitter username for this particular tweet. Will not affect other tweets inserted.

Tweet Box Style: Will overwrite the default style selected in the Settings page. Will not affect other tweets inserted.

The Outcome

Social Pug Click to Tweet

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