Sharing already Published Posts

Your older posts deserve the same attention as your new ones. Posts that have already been published on your WordPress site can be shared to your social media profiles by using SkyePress’s custom schedules.

What are Schedules?

Schedules are a way of filtering your already published posts and automatically adding them to a queue to be published on certain week and weekend days at certain hours on the social profiles you select.

How to Add a New Schedule

To add a schedule navigate to Revive Posts page and click the “Add New Schedule” button. You will be redirected to a form similar to the one in the screenshot below:


Schedule Name: A name you can give to your schedule to differentiate it easily from the rest.

Post Type: Select which type of posts this schedule should look for.

Taxonomies: Only posts that are part of the custom taxonomies you select will be taken into account.

Schedule posts older than: Only posts older than this number of days will be taken into account.

Schedule to run every: Select the days of the week you wish the posts to be shared on your social profiles.

At exactly: Add one or several posting times. Your posts will be shared to your social profiles at these times.

Custom Content: You can add custom content for each schedule. If this value is not set the Default Content for Posts from the Settings page will be used instead.

On these platforms: Select on which social profiles should the posts be shared on.

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