What is SkyePress?

SkyePress is a WordPress plugin that helps you publish your posts on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is how it works:

1. Connect Your Social Media Profiles

You can connect your social media profiles ( eg. Twitter profile or Facebook profile or page ) to SkyePress with a few clicks. Once connected, you can start sharing your posts on these profiles.

2. Share Your Posts when Publishing Them

Share your posts to the connected social media profiles immediately after you have published them on your WordPress site. You can customise the message that will be shared for each individual post.

3. Let’s not Forget About Your Earlier Posts

Your old posts are as important as your new ones. You can share these posts as well to your connected social media profiles by creating custom schedules that will search through your old posts, find the ones that match your selected filters and then share them.

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