Affiliate Registration

This article will walk you through the registration process of becoming an affiliate partner for all DevPups products.

Registering as an affiliate in the Avangate Affiliate Network

The DevPups partner program is powered by Avangate Affiliate Network. To start earning commissions from the sales of promoted DevPups products, please firstly register as an affiliate to the Avangate Affiliate Network. To do so, please click here.

Each new Avangate account will go through an approval process by Avangate. This process can take up to a few days.

Important note: Make sure to sign-up with an email address belonging to your website. For example, if your website is “”, your email address should be “”. This will lead to a quicker registration process.

Another approval process will be done by us, which should not take more than a couple of days.

Completing your Avangate Affiliate Network account

In order to be able to receive payments from Avangate for generated commissions, you will have to provide additional documents.

With the provided documents Avangate can confirm that you are valid entity and that they can send payments your way.

You can add these documents by navigating from the main page’s sidebar to My Account -> Account Information -> Know your customer documents.

Setting up your payment options

In order to be able to receive payments from Avangate for generated commissions, you will have to add a preferred payment option.

You can set the details for your payment option by navigating from the main page’s sidebar to My account -> Payment options.

Generate affiliate links

Affiliate links are the ones you can place on your website to promote DevPups products. These links contain your affiliate ID, which will be tracked by the DevPups website once the referred user visits the website.

Your affiliate ID will be stored for 60 days, thus you will receive commissions for any successful purchases made by the referred user within the 60 day period.

To generate an affiliate link navigate from the main page’s sidebar to Affiliate programs -> Get links.

Once here, click on the “Vendor Details” link, found next to “Iova Mihai Ovidiu PFA” partner. If you’ve registered with the registration link from this document’s first section, this is the only partner you should have available.

You should then be redirected to a page where you should see both Social Pug and Opt-in Hound. You can generate links for both products.

Select the product that you wish to promote, then from the “Link type” field, select the “Custom URL” option.

Depending on what product you wish to promote, a different link needs to be added in the field that appeared when you’ve selected the “Custom URL” value.

  • For Social Pug:
  • For Optin Hound:

Once the above two fields have been completed, click the generate link button. The affiliate link should be generated into the textarea field below. Use this link in your website to promote Social Pug or Optin Hound.

If you have any questions regarding the DevPups partner program or the Avangate Affiliate Network, please make sure to reach out anytime here:

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