How to activate Twitter’s tweet counts

You may know that Twitter made the decision to remove their Tweet count feature, a decision that left many website owners without any social proof from the Twitter environment.

We have partnered with TwitCount to bring tweet counts back into Social Pug. Because this is a third party solution, to take advantage of this feature you will have to follow the two easy steps below.

Register your website

Follow the instructions on TwitCount to register your website with them.

Note: They will ask you to copy and paste a few lines of code into your website. You do not have to do this in order for the tweet counts to be tracked.

Activate tweet counts in Social Pug

On the Settings page, under the Misc heading you will find an option to Enable Twitter Tweet Counts. Simply check the option and Save the settings.

How to Activate Twitter Tweet Counts

Note: TwitCount only has free access to 7 days of Twitter history from the day you add your website for tracking. Shares that happened before might not be counted. Further shares are counted properly, but it may take up to 24 hours for the tweet counts to start showing.

If your social shares do not show up immediately please read this article.

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