How add multiple hidden Pinterest images to a post

This article with walk you through the steps needed to activate and add hidden images for Pinterest use to your posts and pages.

1. Activating the multiple hidden Pinterest images feature

By default, to maintain a cleaner user interface, the multiple hidden Pinterest images feature is disabled. To enable it, navigate to your WordPress admin interface and then, from the sidebar menu, to Social Pug -> Settings -> Pinterest Settings tab.

Once here enable the “Multiple Pinterest hidden images” option, as shown in the below screenshot, and save the settings.

2. Adding hidden Pinterest images for a post

Once the feature is enabled, navigate to a post’s edit page. Scroll down until you find the “Social Pug: Share Options” box.

Within this box there should be a new section named “Pinterest Hidden Images”. Here, click on the “Add images” button.

A media pop-up with your attachments should show up. Select the images you want to add as hidden and click the “Use Images” button to add these images as hidden in your post’s content. Update the post to save the changes.

Please note: If you have a caching plugin active, make sure to delete your cache after adding or removing hidden images.

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