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With the help of this shortcode you will be able to insert the social share buttons anywhere in the content of your posts. The shortcode has been created to be as simple as possible, yet very powerful, depending on what you wish to achieve.

By default all the settings for how the share buttons are displayed are taken from the “Content” page of the plugin, the same page that handles the display of the buttons before and after the content. In this default case you will only need to use the [socialpug_share] shortcode as is, without any attributes.

If you wish to take control and overwrite the default settings you can, but we advice that you use them only if you feel comfortable with them and that you understand that they might change in time. The following attributes are available for this shortcode ( all attributes are optional ):

id: The id of the element that wrap the share buttons.

networks: A list with the social networks, separated by comma. The available networks names are: facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, reddit, vkontakte.

networks_labels: A list with the labels you wish to appear for each button, separated by comma. The labels will be associated in the order you type them. Example: “Share on Facebook, Tweet about it, Pin It”. If you do not provide this attribute the default names of the social networks will be added instead.

button_style: The style of the buttons. The values can be a number from 1 to 8.

shape: The shape of the buttons. The supported values are rectangular, rounded, circle.

columns: The number of columns to spread the buttons. The values can be auto or a number from 1 to 4.

show_labels: Takes the value yes if you wish to display the labels for the buttons and no to hide the labels.

button_spacing: Takes the value yes to add spacing around the buttons and no to remove the spacing around the buttons.

show_count: Whether to display the social share count of the post for each network. Takes the value yes to display the share count and no otherwise.

show_total_count: Whether to display the total share count of the post. Takes the value yes to display the share count and no otherwise.

total_count_position: The position of the total share counts in correlation with the buttons. Can be before, to display the total share counts before the buttons, or after to display them after the buttons.

overwrite: If this attributes is set to the value of yes it will no longer take into account the saved options in the “Content” page of the plugin and will depend only on the attributes you provide.

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