General Troubleshooting

General Functionality

When switching from the free version to the paid version or installing a major update, you might encounter errors or functionality that is not working properly.

Most of these issues are cache related and we recommend clearing all your cache after updating your Social Pug instance or after doing any changes that affect the front-end part of your website. With this in mind:

  1. If you have a WordPress caching plugin active, please delete all your cache.
  2. If your hosting provider has a caching mechanism, please delete all your cache.
  3. Please do a hard refresh in your browser window while having your website’s front page opened. To hard refresh press Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac (this works only in Chrome and Firefox on Mac, in Safari multiple consecutive refreshes should work).
  4. If the above don’t fix the issues, please delete your browser cache. Please see this link for more details. After deleting your browser cache, a hard refresh (as described above) is needed.

If the issues still aren’t fixed, please make sure to open a support ticket explaining in detail the problems.

Social Share Counts

If you’ve migrated from another social sharing plugin, you might see that your share counts from Social Pug Pro differ from what you previously had.

This can happen due to various factors, for example:

  • if the other plugin supported social platforms that are not supported in Social Pug;
  • if a social network, for which you’ve had share counts saved, doesn’t exist anymore, thus Social Pug cannot connect to the platform to retrieve this counts.

One of the main issues though, is tied to the social shares recovery system used in the previous plugin and can be summarized at:

  • If you’ve secured your website, thus moving from HTTP to HTTPS: to grab these social shares, activate the “Combine HTTP & HTTPS Protocols” option from Social Pug -> Settings;
  • If you’ve modified your permalink structure in the past: to grab these social shares, activate the “Combine Previous Permalink Format” option from Social Pug -> Settings and set your previous permalink format.

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