Why aren’t my social shares showing up?

Understanding how the social share counts system works

If you don’t see share counts updating right away, it’s by design. Here’s why:

To maintain your website’s loading times as low as possible, social share counts are not being pulled on each page load. Instead, depending on the post’s or page’s age, a new set of share counts will be pulled as follows:

  • once every two hours for posts younger than 10 days;
  • once every six hours for posts older than 10 days, but younger than 20 days;
  • once every twelve hours for posts older than 20 days.

Please note that caching plugins, depending on the cache expiration time set, might lead to higher values than the ones described above.

Facebook share counts not showing

Facebook share counts are no longer available without having Social Pug connected to a Facebook App. To learn more on how to activate Facebook share counts in Social Pug, click the following link: https://docs.devpups.com/social-pug/activate-facebook-share-counts/

Twitter tweet counts not showing

Twitter does not natively support tweet counts. There are however a few third party solutions, one of which is integrated it Social Pug, namely TwitCount. To learn more on how to activate Twitter tweet counts in Social Pug, click the following link: https://docs.devpups.com/social-pug/how-to-activate-twitter-tweet-counts/

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